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The Lincoln Skyline viewed from Hardin Hall, east Campus, UNL, home of this web site.  Photo © K. Dewey.

This is the new home of "Lincoln Weather And Climate" at the
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  This site is managed by
Dr. Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, Applied Climate Sciences.

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November 2008 Climate Data  
October 2008 Climate Data  
November  Photo Gallery  and October  2008 Photo Gallery   

Lincoln's 7 Day Weather Forecast

New Features:
Winter 2008-09 Forecast
Six foot Hail Drifts in England!
Arctic Ice Thickness Drops 19 Percent
Lincoln's First Freeze of the Autumn Climatology, 1887-2008
Last 12 Months Temperature Graph: November 1, 2007 - October 31, 2008
October 2008 Temperature Graph
Lincoln's Growing Season Climatology, 1887-2008
Recent Features:
Lake McConaughy Rebounds after a Long Drought
Arctic Ice Continues to Decline
Arctic Scientists:   New Global Warming Threat
A foggy Early Autumn Morning in eastern Nebraska
 A 10,000 Mile Trip Across the Arctic (Glaciers, Wildlife, Permafrost, Climate Change, and Scenery)
October 2008 Climate Data      
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The Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium
and family Weatherfest.  was held on
Saturday, March 29, 2008
The event was a huge success.

CPSWS2008 and Weatherfest Photo Gallery

Event Website:  Click Here

CPSWS 2009 is scheduled for Saturday April 4, 2009